Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent

Harley Summers
27 min readMar 16, 2024

Explore the great outdoors in comfort and style with our curated selection of tent models. In this article, we’ll turn the spotlight on the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent, designed for adventuring families or groups of friends. Discover its key features, practical applications, and how it compares to other tents in its class. Get ready to embark on your next camping adventure with this top-tier option.

The Top 19 Best Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent

  1. Affordable Camping Tent with Steel Frame and Awnings — The Guide Gear Base Camp Tent provides a water-resistant, durable, and affordable camping experience with features like a stove jack, vestibule, and awnings, making it a top choice for cheap tents.
  2. Cabela’s Extreme Weather Alaskan Guide Geodesic Tent — Extreme weather-ready, durability-tested, and feature-packed, the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Tent is the perfect shelter for rugged outdoor adventures.
  3. Kelty Caboose 4 Tent: Hybrid Vehicle-Attached Shelter for Adventure — Experience the ultimate camping convenience with the Kelty Como 4 Tent, featuring a unique attachment system that transforms your vehicle into a versatile, bug-free haven for your gear.
  4. Kelty Discovery Basecamp 4 — Comfortable 4-Person Freestanding Tent for All Seasons — Experience the ultimate comfort and ease in setting up your 4-person home away from home with the Kelty Discovery Basecamp tent, featuring quick and easy assembly, waterproof protection, and secure stabilization.
  5. Elevated Camping: Kelty Tallboy 4 Person Tent for Ultimate Comfort — Experience unmatched comfort and convenience with the Kelty Tallboy 4 Person Tent, featuring a freestanding structure, easy setup, and a spacious open-plan interior, perfect for your next family camping adventure.
  6. Kelty 4-Person Discovery Element Tent: Comfortable 3-Season Camping Solution — The Kelty Discovery Element 4 Person Tent offers a comfortable and sturdy 3-season solution for backcountry campers, with easy setup, waterproof protection, and ample space for your gear.
  7. Kelty Wireless 4 Person Tent — High-Quality, Freestanding Camping Solution for 4 — The four-person Kelty Wireless 4 dome tent provides reliable weather protection, ample space, and convenient features for a comfortable camping experience.
  8. Spacious Family Camping Tent with Dry Entry Porch and Floor-to-Ceiling Windows — Eureka Jade Canyon X is a spacious and kid-friendly tent designed for comfortable family car camping adventures.
  9. Versatile 4-Person Dome Tent with Built-In Rain Fly and Ventilated Mesh Roof — Experience ultimate comfort and protection with the Quest Blackwater 4-Person Dome Tent, featuring a built-in vestibule, water-resistant rain fly, and ventilated mesh roof design.
  10. Comfortable 4-Person Kelty Rumpus Camping Tent with Extra-Large Vestibule — The Kelty Rumpus 4 Person Tent offers a high-quality camping experience with swift setup, a spacious vestibule, and a sturdy design for optimal user comfort and protection.
  11. Kelty Grand Mesa 4-Person Backpacking Tent: Lightweight and Easy to Set Up for Camping — Experience quick setups and seamless adventures with the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Person Tent, boasting Kelty Quick-Corner technology, lightweight aluminum poles, and a spacious EZ-Zip vestibule.
  12. Kelty Ballarat 4 Four-Person Tent: Lightweight, Easy Assembly Camping Option — Experience hassle-free camping with the Kelty 90834521 Ballarat 4 Four-Person Tent, featuring lightweight fiberglass poles, a partial-coverage rainfly, and convenient internal storage pockets.
  13. Ultra-lightweight, Waterproof Kelty Zodiac 4-Person Tent — Experience the ease and comfort of a no-assembly Territory Tents Jet Set 4-Person CT400DB tent, perfect for a quick getaway or family adventure, with its compact design, removable rainfly, and versatile storage options.
  14. Mountainsmith Celestial 4-Person 3-Season Coral Blue Freestanding Tent — Experience comfort and durability in the great outdoors with the Mountainsmith Celestial 4-Person Tent, featuring 56 sq ft of interior space and designed for up to 4 adults.
  15. Ultra-Easy 3-Season Tent for 4 Campers — Experience camping in a jiffy with the Kelty Late Start 4 tent, featuring a sturdy 68D polyester floor with 1200mm waterproofing and pre-bent poles for quick and spacious setup.
  16. Stylish 3-Season Wonderland 4 Tent for Camping Adventures — The REI Co-op Wonderland 4 tent offers a comfortable 3-season camping experience, complete with spacious doors, stunning 360° views, and robust architecture to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  17. Durable and Waterproof Family Camping Tent with Silver Rainfly and Micro Mesh — Experience the ultimate in family camping comfort and protection with the NTK Colorado GT 3 to 4 Person Dome Tent, featuring quick and easy assembly, a double layer full coverage rainfly, and long-lasting durability.
  18. Lightweight 3-Season Meteor 4 Tent with Burrito Storage Bag — Unprecedented ventilation, unparalleled comfort, and unbeatable functionality — the Sierra Designs Meteor 4 Tent strikes the ultimate balance for campers and bivouacs alike.
  19. Flame-Retardant 4-Person Camping Tent with Mosquito Net and Roll-Up Groundsheet — Experience the comfort and convenience of the Lhotse 4 Tent from Ferrino, with a spacious, warm, and well-ventilated interior for up to 4 campers, equipped with numerous pockets, storage solutions, and flame retardant fabric for safety.

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🔗Affordable Camping Tent with Steel Frame and Awnings


When I first got the Guide Gear Base Camp Tent, I was quite impressed by its size and weight — it was very portable and easy to set up on my favorite camping spot. The tent’s design was quite unique, with a bathtub-style floor that extended up the sidewalls for added water resistance. The center height of 10' and sidewall height of 4' provided ample room for my sleeping bag, and the 14' diameter proved spacious enough for all my gear.

One of the features I appreciated was the stove jack in the tent roof. It allowed me to use a stove inside the tent without worrying about smoke and odors. The stove pipe reached up to 5.5", and I found it quite comfortable to have a warm, cozy stove during cold camping nights.

The tent also had an impressive amount of windows — five windows to be exact, each measuring 35"w. x 10"h. This meant that the tent had excellent ventilation and natural light, which I found to be quite refreshing. Not only that, but the side awnings were a great addition, providing additional shelter and shade.

However, there were a few drawbacks with the tent. The stakes provided were quite flimsy, especially when it came to setting up in soft ground. I found that after-market stakes worked much better in these situations. Additionally, the setup instructions were rather thin and the pictures weren’t of the best quality. I had to rely on the product’s description on the Sportsman’s guide website to figure out some aspects of the tent’s setup.

Lastly, I noticed that the zippers, screens, and seams were of a decent quality. I didn’t experience any major issues with leaks, but I did add some seam sealer to the roof and walls as a precaution.

In conclusion, the Guide Gear Base Camp Tent has proved to be a solid choice for anyone seeking a good quality tent at a reasonable price. With its spacious interior, stove jack, and large windows, this tent provides a comfortable camping experience. Just remember to purchase after-market stakes if your camping spot has soft ground, and pay close attention to the setup instructions to ensure a smooth and successful setup.

🔗Cabela’s Extreme Weather Alaskan Guide Geodesic Tent


In the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, I had the privilege of testing out Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic 4-Person Tent. This tent is truly a masterpiece, designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and deliver comfort to its users.

One of my favorite features of this tent is its ability to remain stable even in the most extreme winds. The geodesic design, combined with the six-pole system, creates an incredibly sturdy structure that I felt safe in. It was a refreshing experience, knowing that our shelter wouldn’t collapse under a storm’s fury.

The ventilation aspect of the tent was also admirable. With the strategically placed D-style windows and three roof vents, our tent never felt stuffy or suffocating. The breathability of this tent is a much-appreciated feature, especially during hot summer days.

However, this tent also had its drawbacks. The initial set-up was quite daunting, as the complexity of the design required more time and effort than other tents I’ve used. Additionally, the size of the tent seemed to be slightly smaller than expected, making it a tight fit for our family of four.

Despite the minor frustrations, the overall experience of using this tent was largely positive. It proved to be a reliable companion in the unforgiving wilderness, offering both protection and comfort. If you’re looking for a tent that can stand up to the test of extreme weather and provide a cozy atmosphere, this might just be the one for you.

🔗Kelty Caboose 4 Tent: Hybrid Vehicle-Attached Shelter for Adventure


The Kelty Como 4 tent has been a valuable addition to my outdoor adventures. Its quick corners and semi-universal attachment system make it a piece of cake to set up, giving me ample protection from the elements in 3 seasons. The shark mouth duffel has made packing and transporting a breeze.

However, I did encounter a few hiccups. The fabric of the tent is substantial but the arching pole supporting the door has caused a splintering issue, which seems to be covered under the one-year warranty. Unfortunately, I had a close call with rain and wind, facing challenges with the rainfly, which made me think twice about the shelter’s effectiveness.

Despite the minor concerns, the Kelty Como 4 tent has made my camping experiences more enjoyable and convenient, turning my car into a mobile, comfortable shelter.

🔗Kelty Discovery Basecamp 4 — Comfortable 4-Person Freestanding Tent for All Seasons


The Discovery Basecamp tent by Kelty is a perfect solution for a quick camping trip with family or friends. It’s made for the average camper who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time and money setting up their shelter. My experience with this tent was a breeze; it was simple to set up with its unique X tent pole design. Once in place, the large D-door made it easy for me to access my cozy home away from home.

One of the features that stood out to me was the waterproof rainfly. Even in some of the wettest conditions, this tent managed to keep the water out and keep me dry. Additionally, the pre-attached guylines were a great addition, providing excellent stabilization in case of windy conditions.

However, there were a few drawbacks as well. I found the materials to be a bit flimsy, specifically with the lightweight fiberglass poles, making it more challenging to maintain its structural integrity in extreme weather conditions. And, the canopy didn’t provide the best ventilation, which made sleeping on warm nights a bit uncomfortable.

Overall, the Discovery Basecamp tent is a good, cheap, and fast solution for camping enthusiasts who want to keep their expenses low. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway or a car camping trip during the three-season period. Just remember to be prepared for less than ideal conditions and pack accordingly.

🔗Elevated Camping: Kelty Tallboy 4 Person Tent for Ultimate Comfort


I recently had the chance to try out the Kelty Tallboy 4 tent on a family camping trip. I was immediately impressed with its tall dome ceiling, providing ample space and headroom — something that’s often hard to come by in a tent. The tent also features a single-door layout, which makes entry and exit a breeze, especially when carrying camping gear.

One of the standout features was the fiberglass X-pole construction. The poles were sturdy and provided a stable structure even in windy conditions. However, I did notice that the pole sleeves seemed to wear out quite quickly, as one of the reviewers had mentioned.

The tent also came with a stuff sack, which made it easy to transport and set up at camp. I particularly appreciated the shark-mouth duffel, which made it convenient to pack up and carry across my shoulder.

However, I did notice that the mesh window on the front door was quite small, and didn’t provide much airflow or visibility. It was also a little harder to set up alone compared to my other tents in this category.

Overall, I had a great experience with the Kelty Tallboy 4 tent. The spacious interior and stable construction made it a great choice for our family camping adventure. Just be aware that the poles may wear out quickly, and the ventilation might not be ideal for hot weather.

🔗Kelty 4-Person Discovery Element Tent: Comfortable 3-Season Camping Solution


As a backcountry camper, the Kelty Discovery Element tent brings the convenience of a cozy shelter without sacrificing the thrill of nature. With its intuitive X tent pole design and easy-to-set-up Quick Corners, pitching this 4-person, 3-season tent is a breeze. The large D-door and roomy double stake-point vestibule ensure effortless gear storage and easy entry and exit.

Sleeping on the Discovery Element provides peace of mind, knowing that your vestibule and waterproof fly stand guard against the elements, keeping you and your belongings dry underneath. In windy conditions, the pre-attached guylines offer extra stabilization for a secure camping experience. This tent combines all the comfort of a home base with the simplicity and independence of the great outdoors. It’s the perfect companion for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike.

🔗Kelty Wireless 4 Person Tent — High-Quality, Freestanding Camping Solution for 4


The Kelty Wireless 4 Person tent has become my go-to choice for camping trips with my friends. The ample floor space and two-vestibule design make it easy for us to spread out our gear and stow away our belongings, keeping our items protected from the elements. The freestanding design is a game-changer, allowing us to set up camp quickly and efficiently, even in tricky terrain.

One of the standout features of this tent is its 68D Polyester and No-see-um Mesh construction. This ensures that our tent remains comfortable, well-ventilated, and bug-free during warm, humid nights. The hybrid fiberglass poles are strong and sturdy, providing great support to the tent’s structure.

However, there are a few drawbacks that I’ve noticed. The fiberglass poles are heavier and more fragile than their aluminum counterparts, which could be a concern for those planning on long backpacking trips. Additionally, the tent’s peak height might not be the best for taller campers, as they could bump their heads on the ceiling.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Kelty Wireless 4 Person tent has made my camping trips more enjoyable and hassle-free. Its roomy interior, user-friendly setup, and sturdy construction make it a top pick for anyone in search of a reliable, budget-friendly camping solution.

🔗Spacious Family Camping Tent with Dry Entry Porch and Floor-to-Ceiling Windows


For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the Eureka Jade Canyon X 4-person tent for my camping trips. First off, let me say that this tent has exceeded my expectations. The near-vertical walls provide a ton of interior space, even for a family of four like mine. It’s been great to have so much room to move around and store our gear.

One of my favorite features is the large front door that makes entering and exiting the tent easy. The floor-to-ceiling mesh windows offer fantastic views and excellent airflow, keeping us comfortable even during rainstorms. The combination of steel and aluminum poles is perfect — they’re lightweight yet sturdy, making setup a breeze.

The front porch awning has come in handy, protecting us from unexpected rain showers while we enjoy our morning coffee. I also appreciate the zippered Power Port which allows me to charge my devices without having to leave the door open. And let’s not forget about the duffle-style carry bag with a shoulder strap, making it super easy to transport the tent.

While I haven’t had any major issues with this tent, I did notice a few areas where it could use some improvements. For one, the rainfly isn’t as tight-fitting as I’d like, causing some water to seep in during heavy downpours. Additionally, the stakes provided with the tent aren’t the strongest, so I recommend upgrading to heavier-duty stakes for better groundholding in windy conditions.

Overall, the Eureka Jade Canyon X is a fantastic choice for a family car camping tent. Its spacious design, user-friendly features, and durable construction make it an excellent investment for any avid camper.

🔗Versatile 4-Person Dome Tent with Built-In Rain Fly and Ventilated Mesh Roof


As a camper, I’ve been using the Quest Blackwater 4-person Dome Tent for a few months now, and I must say it has been a game-changer for my outdoor adventures. The tent is designed to be spacious enough for a family of four, and it fits the bill perfectly.

One of the standout features that I appreciate is the built-in vestibule at the front door. It provides an added layer of wind protection, keeping us cozy and comfortable inside. The water-resistant polyester rain fly with taped seams is another excellent feature. It has held up well against heavy rain, ensuring we stay dry during our camping trips.

However, there were a few drawbacks that I encountered. The tent’s setup could be a bit of a challenge, especially for solo campers. Additionally, the rainfly seemed to be a bit short in covering the front corners, which led to water intrusion during heavy rainfall. This issue made me rethink the tent’s effectiveness in protecting us from harsh weather conditions.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Quest Blackwater 4-person Dome Tent has become a reliable companion for my camping expeditions. Its roomy interior, ventilation system, and impressive rain fly make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

🔗Comfortable 4-Person Kelty Rumpus Camping Tent with Extra-Large Vestibule


As a seasoned camper, I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Kelty Rumpus 4 Person Tent on a camping trip. The tent was a delight to set up, thanks to the Kelty Quick Corner feature that streamlined the process. The extra-large vestibule stood out as a highlight, providing ample storage space for our gear and creating a cozy area to hang out with friends.

One of the most significant perks of this tent was its ability to withstand the elements. In the middle of a rainstorm, I felt secure knowing that the tent was waterproof with the included vented rainfly. It also had a well-placed vent and No-See-Um mesh canopy that kept the inside comfortable and bug-free.

However, the Kelty Rumpus did come with some minor drawbacks. Although the pre-attached guylines with storage pockets were convenient, I found that the zippers on the vestibule occasionally caught on the protective flap. Despite this, the tent was roomy enough for four people, but the experience varied depending on preference.

In conclusion, the Kelty Rumpus 4 Person Tent is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and spacious camping shelter. With its user-friendly setup, versatile vestibule, and weather-resistant features, this tent checks all the boxes for a successful outdoor adventure.

🔗Kelty Grand Mesa 4-Person Backpacking Tent: Lightweight and Easy to Set Up for Camping


The Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Person Tent has been a reliable companion for every backpacking and camping journey for decades. The latest 2020 update enhances its performance and usability even more. With the innovative Kelty Quick-Corner Technology, setting up is faster than ever.

The EZ-Zip vestibule provides a smooth and easy experience in between adventures. The lightweight aluminum poles make assembly a breeze, and the Shark Mouth carry bag ensures a hassle-free pack-up. Despite being a 3-season tent, the customers have shared their experiences using it through all seasons, and it has held up well.

On the downside, a few reviewers noticed slightly thinner materials in the newer model compared to the older one and mentioned that the color of the tent could have been better. Overall, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Person Tent continues to be a popular and affordable choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

🔗Kelty Ballarat 4 Four-Person Tent: Lightweight, Easy Assembly Camping Option


Taking a trip to the great outdoors can be an exciting adventure, but setting up camp can be a hassle. That’s where the Kelty Ballarat comes to the rescue. This four-person tent is easy to set up, even for a complete amateur like me. In fact, it took less than 10 minutes for me to have the whole thing up and ready to go.

One of the standout features of this tent is its lightweight construction. The fiberglass poles are a breeze to work with, making the whole process of setting up the tent a breeze. I was particularly impressed by the Quick Corners, which made attaching the poles and securing the tent a snap.

Another highlight of the Kelty Ballarat is its partial-coverage rainfly with a vestibule. This feature was a lifesaver during a sudden downpour; it kept my gear dry and gave me some much-needed extra space. The four internal storage pockets were a great addition too, keeping my essentials within easy reach.

The Shark Mouth carry duffle made transporting the tent a breeze, and the pre-attached guylines made it even easier to set up. With 68-denier polyester mesh, this tent has a good amount of durability, which is essential for those rough camping trips.

However, there were a few drawbacks I encountered. The tent stakes were a bit of a pain to drive into the ground, and the zipper on the rainfly caught on the flap a few times. But overall, these minor issues didn’t detract much from my overall satisfaction with the Kelty Ballarat.

In conclusion, the Kelty Ballarat is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a reliable, easy-to-set-up tent for their camping adventures. Its lightweight construction and partial-coverage rainfly make it a standout option for both beginners and experienced campers alike.

🔗Ultra-lightweight, Waterproof Kelty Zodiac 4-Person Tent


The Territory Tents Jet Set tent is a lightweight, quick, and easy-to-set-up home away from home for campers. Upon receiving the product, I was impressed by how compact it was and how easily it could be set up with just a few simple steps. The tent stands over six feet tall, allowing me to move around inside comfortably without the need to stoop down.

Aside from its portability and height, the unique Jet Set Framework made setting up this tent a breeze. With one less thing to worry about, I was relieved to have a tent that didn’t require any complicated assembly. The spacious interior can accommodate up to four people in sleeping bags, while the detachable rainfly adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.

The tent’s polyester material has a waterproof rating and UV50+ protection, keeping me dry and safe from the sun. The tub-style floor withstood my camping expectations by keeping pests and water at bay. Additionally, the multiple pockets and gear loft offered plenty of storage options for my gear, while the two D-shaped doors made it simple to get in and out of the tent.

However, the Jet Set 4-Person tent did come with a few drawbacks. Although it provides a reasonable amount of space, the tent might have benefited from more robust materials to support heavy conditions. Additionally, the company’s lack of transparency regarding the product’s specifications left me feeling uneasy about potential issues with the tent.

In conclusion, the Territory Tents Jet Set tent offers a convenient and comfortable camping experience. Despite a few minor concerns, the positive features outweigh the negatives for those looking for a hassle-free and spacious shelter for their outdoor adventures.

🔗Mountainsmith Celestial 4-Person 3-Season Coral Blue Freestanding Tent


Recently, I had the opportunity to use Mountainsmith’s Celestial 4-Person Tent on a camping trip, and it was a real game-changer. The spaciousness of the tent was immediately noticeable, with 56 square feet of usable interior space that comfortably accommodated four of us without feeling cramped.

What really stood out, however, was the durability of this tent. The combination of ripstop polyester and polyester mesh fabric provided a sturdy yet breathable shelter, keeping us dry and comfortable even in inclement weather. The tent’s 3-season rating was definitely put to the test during our trip, as we faced everything from steady rainfall to sudden gusts of wind.

One feature I particularly enjoyed was the high bathtub wall, which effectively kept dirt and debris from splashing inside when it rained. It’s a small touch, but it made a huge difference in maintaining the cleanliness of our tent.

That being said, there were a couple of drawbacks to this tent. The rainfly, while functional, wasn’t the most user-friendly design. The zippers had a tendency to get snagged on the fly when opening or closing, and the overall fit seemed a bit awkward. Additionally, the vestibule could have used a bit more space, as we found ourselves constantly readjusting our gear to make room for everything.

Overall, the Celestial 4-Person Tent was a solid choice for our camping needs, providing ample space, durability, and protection from the elements during our trip. While there were a few minor drawbacks, the pros far outweighed the cons. If you’re in the market for a spacious and versatile tent at an affordable price point, this could be the one for you.

🔗Ultra-Easy 3-Season Tent for 4 Campers


I recently had the opportunity to use the Kelty Late Start 4 tent on a camping trip, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The ease of setup was incredible, and I was able to start enjoying the outdoors in no time. The pre-bent poles provided a spacious interior for our group of four, making it perfect for sharing stories and laughter around the campfire.

One feature that really stood out for me was the color-coordinated straps, which made connecting the rainfly a breeze. The tent itself was sturdy and durable, withstanding the occasional gust of wind that came our way. While it didn’t provide the warmth I was hoping for on a chilly night, it did a great job of keeping us dry in a light drizzle.

One downside I did notice was the weight of the tent, which was heavier than I anticipated. However, considering the size and features, it’s a small price to pay for such a comfortable camping experience. Overall, I would highly recommend the Kelty Late Start 4 tent for anyone looking for a great, well-rounded camping option.

🔗Stylish 3-Season Wonderland 4 Tent for Camping Adventures


I recently had the opportunity to stay in the REI Co-op Wonderland 4 tent during a weekend camping trip with some friends. The tent is designed to provide a comfortable and functional basecamp for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a cozy place to relax after a day of hiking or exploring the great outdoors.

One of the most impressive features of this tent is its large doors and 360-degree views, which give you a sense of openness and spaciousness while inside. The stable architecture of the tent, along with its ability to handle stormy weather, made it a reliable and secure choice for our trip. The high-quality materials used in the tent were durable and held up well during our stay.

However, there were a few drawbacks that I noted while using the tent. The tent requires two sets of hands to erect, which may not be ideal for solo campers or those who prefer a more straightforward setup process. Additionally, the rainfly does not offer full coverage of the doors, which may cause some minor inconveniences during heavy rain.

Overall, my experience with the REI Co-op Wonderland 4 tent was mostly positive, with the highlights being its large doors, spacious interior, and stable architecture. While there were a few drawbacks to consider, I believe that this tent would be an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a comfortable and functional basecamp.

🔗Durable and Waterproof Family Camping Tent with Silver Rainfly and Micro Mesh


Imagine a family camping trip where you have a reliable and easy-to-use tent that provides both comfort and protection. NTK’s Colorado GT dome family camping tent offers just that. I had the opportunity to take it on an outdoor adventure, and it was a breeze to set up.

The double-layer full coverage rainfly made of 190T polyester keeps you dry and protected from rain and humidity. It also offers UV protection, thanks to the heat-seamed thermoplastic coating. The dome shape provided adequate space for our family of four and kept us comfortable in various weather conditions.

The mesh design on the tent makes it incredibly breathable, allowing air to flow through effortlessly. I could see the stars at night through the mesh roof, creating a beautiful view of the night sky. The extra thick Nano-flex fiberglass poles and secure hardware made the tent sturdy and held up well in various conditions.

While this tent was durable and easy to set up, it was a bit heavy to carry around. However, the carry bag, with reinforced oxford fabric and heavy-duty zippers, made transporting it much more manageable.

Our family enjoyed our camping trip with NTK’s Colorado GT tent, trusting it to keep us safe and comfortable. As a brand that has been providing reliable outdoor solutions since 1975, NTK has proven its commitment to offering families the best possible camping experiences.

🔗Lightweight 3-Season Meteor 4 Tent with Burrito Storage Bag


During my recent camping trip, I was fortunate enough to test out the Sierra Designs Meteor 4 Tent. I must say, this tent truly exceeded my expectations. The mesh body provided ample ventilation, keeping the tent cool even on warm summer nights, while the double zippers made it a breeze to access the vestibules for additional storage.

The full coverage fly with its rollback stargazer feature was a game-changer, allowing me to gaze at the night sky without the need to remove the entire covering. The color-coded poles and webbing made for an effortless setup, and the burrito bag made transporting the tent a hassle-free experience.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. The 20-denier no-see-um mesh did not seem as durable as I had hoped, and I experienced a slight difficulty in finding the perfect pitching spot due to the tent’s fully freestanding design. But overall, the Sierra Designs Meteor 4 Tent proved to be a reliable and comfortable option for my camping adventures.

🔗Flame-Retardant 4-Person Camping Tent with Mosquito Net and Roll-Up Groundsheet


The Ferrino Lhotse Tent has become my go-to shelter for camping adventures, providing a bright and spacious living space for up to four people. The vestibule is perfect for storing larger items like backpacks, while the interior pockets offer plenty of storage for smaller gear. The transparent vents provide ventilation, and the flame-retardant fabric ensures safety.

While the tent can be a bit heavy for backpacking, it’s perfect for setting up at a base camp. The roll-up groundsheet and storage bag make for easy transportation. The large doors offer a panoramic view of the surroundings, and the triple-lined doors provide flexibility for various weather conditions. However, some users suggest that the tent could benefit from a heavier water-head rating and alternative flysheet colors. Overall, the Lhotse Tent has exceeded my expectations and proved to be a reliable and comfortable shelter on my camping trips.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to camping, having a reliable and spacious tent is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss essential features, considerations, and advice to help you make an informed decision when choosing a Kelty Sequoia 4 tent.


Important Features

  1. Tent Capacity: The Kelty Sequoia 4 is designed to accommodate four campers comfortably. Make sure this capacity meets your needs, as you don’t want to feel cramped or crowded while camping. Consider the total weight of the gear, sleeping bags, and other items that will be inside the tent, as well.


  1. Weather Resistance: If you plan on using your tent in various weather conditions, look for one with a high waterproof rating (Hydrostatic Head) and proper ventilation to prevent condensation buildup. The Sequoia 4 has a 4000mm Hydrostatic Head, which provides good protection against rain and moisture.

Assembling and Disassembling

  1. Ease of Set-up: The Kelty Sequoia 4 tent features a color-coded, snap-together pole system and a single hub for easy assembly. Ensure that the tent you choose is user-friendly and can be set up quickly to avoid frustration during your camping trip. Most Kelty tents come with a handy carry bag for convenient storage.

Additional Features and Accessories

  1. Storage and Organization: A good tent should offer ample storage space for your gear. Look for a tent with mesh pockets, gear lofts, or external storage pockets to keep your items organized and easily accessible. The Sequoia 4 includes two removable mesh storage pockets, a gear loft, and an external sleeve for a 7000 series aluminum pole, which allows for optional vestibule use.


What are the dimensions of the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent?

The Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent has an external dimensions of 96 inches by 58 inches by 51 inches. The interior dimensions are 76 inches by 42 inches by 41 inches. The floor area measures 10.9 square meters, while the total weight is 13.2 pounds. The tent comes with a carrying case, which measures 98 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches.

These measurements provide enough space for a group of four people to comfortably sleep in, stand up, and store their gear inside the tent. It also allows for easy transportation and storage when not in use. The carrying case ensures the tent remains in good condition while not being used and makes it easier to transport.


What is the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent made of?

The Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent is made of high-quality, durable materials. The outer shell is made of a strong, water-resistant 68D Polyester Ripstop fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It also has a 1500mm waterproof rating, ensuring the interior stays dry even in heavy rainfall. The tent floor is made of 30D Nylon Mesh, providing excellent ventilation and preventing moisture buildup.

The tent’s frame is made from aluminum, making it lightweight yet sturdy. The tent poles are made of DAC Featherlite NFL anodized aluminum, which offers high strength and low weight. The tent’s stakes and guylines are made of durable, weather-resistant materials to ensure long-lasting use. These materials make the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent a reliable and durable choice for camping adventures.

Is the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent easy to set up?

Yes, the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. The tent features a free-standing design that allows for quick and easy assembly. The color-coded clip attachment system simplifies the process of connecting the tent body to the poles, ensuring a secure and stable structure. The tent also comes with a clear setup guide, making it even easier for beginners to put it up.

The tent’s lightweight materials and efficient design allow for a quick setup, making it ideal for camping trips where time is of the essence. It is also easy to take down and pack away, making it convenient to transport between destinations. Overall, the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent provides a hassle-free and enjoyable camping experience.


How many people can the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent accommodate?

The Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent can accommodate up to four people comfortably. It features a roomy interior with 10.9 square meters of floor space and a height of approximately 41 inches, allowing for enough space for four sleeping bags or cots. The tent’s two large D-shaped doors provide easy entry and exit, and the vestibule provides additional storage space for gear.

The tent’s ample space makes it suitable for a group of friends or family members who want to share a comfortable camping experience. The Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent provides a balance between living space and weight, making it a suitable choice for both car camping and backpacking trips where portability is essential.

What are the ventilation features of the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent?

The Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent has several ventilation features to ensure a comfortable and moisture-free environment. It features two large, mesh-covered windows and two vents on the tent body to provide adequate airflow. The 30D Nylon Mesh floor also allows for ventilation, preventing moisture buildup and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the tent.

The mesh windows can be opened independently or together, depending on the weather conditions. The two vents can also be adjusted to control the airflow, providing comfort and preventing condensation buildup. The Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent’s ventilation features ensure a comfortable, moisture-free, and pleasant camping experience even in inclement weather.

What accessories are included with the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent?

The Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent comes with several useful accessories to make your camping experience more enjoyable. The tent includes color-coded guylines and stakes to secure the structure in different weather conditions. It also comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Additionally, the tent features a vestibule space, providing extra storage for gear and equipment.

The vestibule space is a useful feature for keeping damp or dirty gear away from the sleeping area, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment. The included accessories make the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent a comprehensive and hassle-free camping solution. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a beginner, the Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent has everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

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